Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Cool!

Okay, I'm not a technology person, I can't do html code to save my life, and Paul (the IT guy) is constantly exasperated with me. So I never mess with the stuff on my blog. I spent a whole day in trial and error trying to get it the way I want it; I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out and I haven't touched it since.
So today, for the first time in quite awhile I stared poking around trying to figure stuff out, when I stumbled onto something really awesome. I have a follower! Even better, a follower I don't know in real life!
So hello Team McIlhaney! I think you deserve a free photo shoot for making my day! Send me an email!


Katie and Derek said...

Silly girl...I follow your blog! I don'y know why it doesn't show but you are listed on mine as one of the blogs I follow! I need some more to follow though! You have some weddings coming up I can look forward to?

JBailey Photography said...

You're so funny! Yes, wedding season is definitely around the corner.

Katie and Derek said...

Good deal! Someday soon we will get together for our album! My life is going to be kind of hectic till after his sister gets married April 4th. Let's shoot for soon after!

Jenni said...

I love your blog... I guess I am a blog stalker!!! :)

JBailey Photography said...

Aww, well I'm happy to have you!!!