Monday, June 23, 2008

Workee Work, Busy Bee!

Wow! This was one crazy, busy weekend. On Saturday morning I drove to Fort Worth to take Lucy's bridals. She is so awesome! (and cute and funny!) When I commented about her changing her face in every picture, her response - "I've been watching America's Next Top Model" she kept me laughing the whole time. Now I really can't wait for her wedding, because I know how much fun it is going to be!
Then Sunday, I drove back to the Dallas area for a work shop. It was a great chance to get some shots that I wouldn't normally take.
So, after driving for about 10 hours this weekend, I'm pooped! Paul's going on vacation next week, and I've decided I am too! I've got weddings booked for July, but nothing else! So, to not do anything but shoot on the weekends and edit during the week, that's a vacation!
Anyway, enough rambling, time to see the goods! The first is from the workshop, and the rest are of Lucy.

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