Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All the cool kids are doing it...

Random facts about me- I'm copying and not numbering; there's no way I'll ever make it to 50!

This is my first blog, ever. I'm terrified of birds. My family and I have the same weird sense of humor, but we think we're hilarious. I still call my mom "mommy." I call my dad "daddy-o." My favorite smells are rain, the coast, and the heater when it comes on for the first time of the year. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Holidays are so much more fun now that I have Collin. I cry easily, but I may be the only woman alive that didn't cry over Titanic. I'm extremely organized, but only about certain things. My closet is separated by style and color. It's very important to me that I'm taken seriously. I changed my major three times and still don't have a degree, but I want one desperately. I want to travel, but I'm scared of breaking a law and being thrown into a foreign prison. I love, love, love art history. I'm scared of becoming a woman who is defined by her children; "Hi, I'm Collin's mom," please don't ever let that be me! The smell of cigarette smoke nauseates me. I have recently detached myself from people who didn't make my life better, and in doing so, my life became better. I am trying to accept the fact that Collin thinks the dog is way funnier than I am. My first celebrity crush was David Bowie as the Goblin King in The Labyrinth, I was about 5, and oh, how I loved him! I have a rock solid faith, but I'm still very open minded and accepting. I love old Hollywood glamor. My husband is my best friend. I wish it weren't bad for your skin to tan! I think Jim and Pam are the new Ross and Rachel. Paul and I have a rating system for McDonald's fries. If I get sick, I lay on the couch and watch Disney movies all day. I think South Park is hilarious, but I wouldn't want Collin to watch it. I hate when good books are made into bad movies.

Wow, okay that's enough for one day!

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